Here’s where you’ll find my thoughts on what I’ve seen, whether it be movies or TV shows.

For movies, if I’ve watched on TV or DVD I’ll probably express a view on whether I’ll watch it again.

If I’ve managed to organise a trip to the cinema, or if it’s something I’ve read about but missed seeing on the big screen, I’ll pick one of the following:

1. I’m definitely going to buy the DVD

2. I wouldn’t want to own it but might pay to watch it on digital TV

3. I plan to watch it on terrestrial TV or free digital

4. I would probably watch it on TV if I came across it by accident

5. I wouldn’t lose any sleep if I never saw it again.

The Safety Cushion: an explanation – I might ocasionally make reference to the Safety Cushion. This is a normal cushion on my sofa which I have been known to hug, and even to hide my face behind, during moments of gruesomeness, or when characters that I particularly love are in peril.  It is an essential accessory for the home viwing ng experience. And needs to be particularly close at hand during episodes of Dr Who.