So earlier this year, over on my other blog, I reviewed The Dark Knight, which I thought was absolutely fantastic. And because I can be a bit of a completist, I thought I would watch Batman: Gotham Knight which apparently fills in the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in an Animatrix kind of way.

What I loved about this DVD = it’s Batman; it’s anime; it’s an interesting experiment; it has the voice of the great Kevin Conroy

What I didn’t like about this DVD = the lack of uniformity in the animation made it feel pretty bitty if I’m honest; not all of the visual styles appealed to me; I’ve never been a fan of Killer Croc

So all in all this was of more intellectual interest than anything else, but I’m glad I watched it.

Ratings stuff = contains images of bloody violence and injury (and so it should)

Tissue count = 0