Stage Two of the Lord of The Rings Bank Holiday marathon and we are now onto The Two Towers. This was the Christmas event movie for 2002, and by now I knew what to expect: high quality visuals and great characterisation.

Again, no synopsis, you should all know where we are by now. Names very much the same, no Sean Bean but David Wenham added, still a cast of hundreds.

What I loved about this film = Balrog vs Gandalf; “Lembas bread. And look, more lembas bread”; “Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys”; “You would not part an old man from his walking stick”; “Dark have been my dreams of late”; “Look to my coming. At dawn, look to the east”; “So it begins”

Quibbles = The wargs were great but I’m not sure the whole Aragorn might be dead thing added a huge amount to what was already a cracking story.

Again I would have to say that this extended version is much more satisfying; the additional scenes clarify a number of plot points that might be missed by someone not familiar with the story. I wasn’t sure about the Ents and how they were portrayed but again you get to see more of Treebeard’s interaction with Merry and Pippin and I thought that worked really well.

Rating stuff = suitable only for people over 12 – the battle scenes amongst other things I should think…

Tissue count = 1 or 2, quite low really

Safety cushion = not required

And now onto part three!