So the long wait is over and I have finally got to see the third of the three highly anticipated summer blockbusters (the others being Iron Man and the Dark Knight, reviewed on my old film page), and I’m pleased to say it was really worth the wait.

Quick synopsis: Prince Nuada wants to activate the Golden Army in order to start a war between humans and elves (and other mythical creatures) to effectively take over the world. Hellboy and hid colleagues have to stop him, helped by his sister, Princess Nuala. I think that kind of covers the plot, though what makes this film truly wonderful is the imagination that has gone in to creating the various characters and the world that they inhabit.

What I loved about this movie = well, obviously Hellboy himself, but also: the fantastic prologue complete with puppets; the co-opting of Barry Manilow (really loved that bit!); the Tooth Fairies (I’ll never think of them the same way again); The Angel of Death; Luke Goss (who would have thought it?); the Golden Army; the coolness that is Selma Blair.

No dislikes but one quibble = how can you have a set-piece at the Giant’s Causeway without actually showing the Giant’s Causeway???

Rating stuff = contains moderate fantasy violence and infrequent strong language, so once again not for the under 12s

Tissue count = zero

Safety cushion = not applicable (but I didn’t need to close my eyes at any point either)

By the way, there’s a great review of this movie by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings……..