After some very enjoyable Proms concerts put me in the mood for some more classical music, finding myself home alone and looking for something light to watch, I decided to give Fantasia 2000 a go.

According to the worthy introduction, Walt Disney intended his original Fantasia to be an evolving work, re-released regularly with new pieces along side some old favourites. That never happened the way he had intended until Fantasia 2000 was conceived of and released. As with the original, animators let their imaginations loose on interpreting some well(and lesser) known pieces of music. The only piece left from the original is the famous Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Mickey Mouse.

What I loved about the movie = Pines of Rome (whales!); Rhapsody in Blue (Al Hirschfield!); Carnival of the Animals (flamingos! with yo-yos!); Donald Duck on Noah’s Ark; The Firebird Suite

What I didn’t like about the movie = I really, really could have done without the humorous sections between the classical pieces; they may have been amusing the first time (and I’m not sure about that) but grate on a second viewing

Rating stuff = universal; suitable for all

Tissue count = the Donald Duck section is quite sweet, but no tears were shed

Safety cushion = are you kdding? This is Walt Disney

I enjoyed this but in future will probably just dip into my favourite bits.