So here we are with the lovely George Clooney playing the titular Mr Clayton, the fixer for a major New York law firm, sent out to deal with all those difficult problems that need (at the very least) damage limitation. And he’s presented with a humdinger, when one of the most senior lawyers in the firm appears to go insane six years into a case involving their biggest client. In trying to sort this out, Clayton comes across a conspiracy which puts him in danger.

What I loved about this movie = it’s George Clooney, for goodness sake!; Tilda Swinton, deserving of the Oscar; the late, great Sydney Pollack; explosions (well one, but it’s good)

What I didn’t like about this movie = no quibbles at all, this is a genuinely exciting thriller, and I really wanted to know how it was all going to be resolved.

Rating stuff = 15 or older because of the strong language, plus the very strong language, plus the sex references (although the picture here definitely shows a 12…..)

Tissue count = none

Safety cushion = not necessary; exciting, but not that exciting

Intelligent, well-acted, will watch this one again.