tim-burtons-the-nightmare-bef7613_fThis is without a doubt one of my absolute all-time favourite films which I first became aware of on a trip to New York in 1993, went to see as soon as it came to London and once I got my hands on a recording (first VHS, then DVD) I have watched it at least twice a year, once at Hallowe’en, the other (surprise, surprise) at Christmas. My first viewing this year was to mark the completion of Carl’s RIP III challenge which I talk about here.

What I loved about this movie = Jack Skellington in all his guises; Sally and her unrequited love; the Danny Elfman score; “What’s this?”; Sandy Claws; the scientific method; the sheer exuberance of it all; Lock, Shock & Barrel.

What I didn’t like about this movie = it simply isn’t long enough! And where is the sequel?

Rating stuff = PG (some scenes may be unsuitable for young children because of the mild horror – the clue may be in the title!)

Tissue count = none, it’s all to much fun

Safety cushion – never deployed

This never, ever disappoints.