quantum_of_solace_ver3So, after several attempts I finally got to see Quantum of Solace, the new James Bond movie. I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the franchise; loved Sean Connery and the first two with Roger Moore; loved Diana Rigg in OHMS (but not Lazenby); gave up until Pierce Brosnan, but I didn’t really start paying attention until Casino Royale and the Bond re-boot. But what of the new film?

OK, so first thing to say is that no-one, but no-one looks as good in a suit as Daniel Craig. Leading man aesthetics aside, however:

What I loved about this movie = Daniel Criag; Judi Dench; the shots of Siena (I even spotted the restaurant where we had lunch when we were there in October!); the theme song

What I didn’t like about this movie = Gemma Arterton was underused; the villains weren’t villanous enough; the action sequences were well-done but just strung together without really moving the plot forward.

Rating stuff = 12A (though I swear there were kids much younger than that in the audience)

Tissue count = none (didn’t care enough)

Safety cushion = no need

It’s a shame, I really wanted to enjoy this but it just left me feeling vaguely disappointed. Now this would have been much more fun!