starwarstheclonewars2012415_fSo the first of this year’s Christmas present movies got an airing much, much earlier than is normal, largely because we’ve already been watching the follow-up TV series (which is now beginning to make much more sense….)

Putting my cards on the table re Star Wars, I was 16 or so when the first movie was released, so I haven’t got the same intense memories about it which means that, although I agree that in many ways they aren’t as good as the original three, I enjoyed the prequel trilogy. And although it’s possible to be really cynical about George Lucas and his need to keep reinventing the franchise, I’ve also really enjoyed the various animated versions. So what about The Clone Wars?

What I loved about this movie = the animation is really excellent, the story works well, there’s a tiny glimpse of my favourite Jedi (Kit Fisto in case you’re interested)

What I didn’t like = not much – I miss Ewan McGregor’s lovely voice, and am I the only person who thinks Ventress is a strange shape?

Ratings stuff = PG (frequent mild fantasy violence)

Tissue count = none (c’mon, it’s Star Wars)

Safety cushion = like I said, it’s Star Wars….

This is good fun, though I’m still having trouble working out exactly where it all fits in the Star Wars timeline…..