walle200812450_fSo it’s New Year’s Eve and the TV schedules aren’t great (haven’t been so since they stopped transmitting the White Heather Club on Hogmanay, but that says a lot about me, including my age….) and we want to stay up to see in 2009 so how to occupy the time. “Let’s watch one of our Christmas present movies” said I, and picked WALL-E as one we had meant to see in the cinema but never managed for one reason or another.

And this turned out to be a great choice; it’s just the sweetest film, with wonderful characters and a great story and I can’t wait to see it again.

What I loved about this movie = the sweet little love story; the environmental message (not at all heavy IMO); Sigourney Weaver voicing the computer; the animation is absolutely wonderful; cheering on the Captain of the Axiom; the whole thing actually….

What I didn’t like about this movie = not one single quibble. Just loved it to bits

Rating stuff = can (and should) be watched by anyone and everyone

Tissue  count = being a Scottish sentimental old fool I come close to requiring tissue assistance at a couple of points….

Safety cushion = not required (despite the very mild threat promised by the ratings board)

I can’t enthuse about this film enough; it even made a cockroach look cute. Plus, as with all Pixar movies, there are a couple of very, very funny shorts on the DVD. You will never look at a stage magician’s rabbit the same way again.