starwars2So here we have a two-part Clone Wars story, with episode titles “Dooku Captured” and “The Gungan General”

To cut to the chase, Count Dooku ends up being captured by Space Pirates who demand a ransom from the Republic to hand him over. Obi Wan and Anakin go off to seal the deal, get captured as well and find themselves sharing a cell and various escape plans with the Sith Lord. Meanwhile the ransom is being delivered, and one of the party is Jar Jar Binks. All manner of Binks-inspired havoc ensues, the good guys get saved and Dooku gets away, as we know he must because we’ve seen the later films.

I’ve generally been enjoying this series but I have to say that the slapstick of Jar Jar really leaves me cold. I wasn’t entirely against him in The Phantom Menace (fun for kids I thought) but whenever he appears in the Clone Wars series I find myself sighing . Even  the way he is presented here, with his clumsiness used as a weapon by the Clones, is annoying.

Still, the first episode was great, the pirates were huge fun and the animation is still really cool.