020209_watchmanimaxThis is one of those films that you know from the off is going to divide people. There will be those who think it’s just another superhero comic book movie and will be disappointed that it isn’t like Iron Man. There will be those who loved the graphic novel and who think it isn’t good enough, deploring any changes made. There will be those who don’t know anything about it at all but will go because it’s an event movie, and will be puzzled (like the guy I overhead in the cinema after the showing today, who didn’t understand most of what was going on). And there will be those, like me, who think that although it wasn’t perfect it was a really good film having an honourable stab at putting a great graphic novel up on the screen.

I read Watchmen at the end of 1991, and had planned to read it again in preparation for the movie but ran out of time. In a way I’m glad I didn’t read it again as I went in with enough memory of the story to keep track of what was going on (though I didn’t think it was really that difficult if you were paying attention) but not so much that I noticed hugely where things deviated (except obviously towards the end).

So it’s 1985, Nixon is still President, the world is on the brink of nuclear war and someone is apparently killing off masked heroes, starting with The Comedian. What’s going on? I’m not going to tell you here….

What I loved about the movie = the opening sequence (a mini-masterpiece); The Comedian’s grin; finding Nite Owl was my favourite character and I never even new; Rorschach in prison; Dr Manhattan in all his blue magnificence; just how glorious the film looked

What I didn’t like about the movie = it was a film for the fanboys; not necessarily a bad thing but I’m not sure there was anything much there for the general audience. And I would have loved to have seen how Snyder would have delivered the original method of destruction…

Rating stuff = this is such an 18 movie, pretty violent, but that’s in keeping with the original work

Tissue count = absolutely none, dry-eyed throughout

Safety cushion= really quite gruesome in places, so in the absence of the cushion a bit of squinting was required; not easy to do in an IMAX cinema when you are only two rows from the front…

I thoroughly enjoyed this and it’s on my DVD wish list.