nocountryforoldmen200711105_fSo everyone knows the story by now, right? Josh Brolin stumbles across a drug deal gone wrong, makes off with a large sum of money, is being tracked by oddly coiffured hitman Javier Bardem with Sheriff Tommy Lee Jones not far behind. A tale that is likely only to end in tears.

What I loved about the movie: the stately pace; the quality of the acting, especially from Javier Bardem (who so deserved his Oscar); Kelly MacDonald (hurrah for Scottish actresses)

What I didn’t like about the movie: am I supposed to be hoping that Javier gets away? The man’s a monster…

Rating stuff: 15 – strong bloody (but totally appropriate) violence

Tissue count: none

Safety cushion: a couple of wince-inducing moments almost had me hiding behind the cushion…

I really enjoyed this, proper adult film-making. I’m not sure I entirely understood the ending but it fitted with the rest of the film, and I was glad that a couple of key moments happened off screen. I do like the Coens and this is definitely one of their best.