monsters-vs-aliensSo Susan is getting married, but just before the wedding she gets hit by a meteorite, begins glowing during the ceremony and then starts to grow. She is captured and taken to a secret government facility where she is to be held captive with her fellow monsters; but they are needed to deal with a giant alien robot invasion….

What I loved about the movie: Ginormica’s outfits; the homage paid to some great old monster movies; Kiefer Sutherland; Hugh Laurie’s mad scientist laugh; Bob; the noise the alien squid make as they move; the quality of the animation; the bad guy

What I didn’t like about the movie: I’ve got so used to animation stuffed with in-jokes for the grown-ups that it was odd to watch a film squarely aimed at ankle-biters, but none the worse for that

Rating stuff: PG for mild threat and comic fight scenes

Tissue count: None

Safety Cushion: Only mild threat so I managed to cope

We went to see the non-3D version of this and were by far the oldest people in the cinema but I can hinestly say that I really enjoyed what was a bright, fun film.