michelleryanSo the first new Dr Who episode of 2009 and the beginning of the end of the Tennant era. But was it any good?

We start off with Lady Christina de Souza involved in something nefarious, and in order to escape the attentions of the constabulary she jumps on a bus, closely followed by the Doctor who is chasing after something strange in the space-time continuum. And then the bus and all its passengers go through a wormhole to a desert planet with something nasty on its way…..

Anyone who reads this blog (or my other one) will know that I find it impossible to be critical of Mr Tennant, so we’ll take it as read that he was fabulous in this, so that begs the question:

What else did I love about this episode? – Malcolm (“I love you”); the Doctor  engaging with the other bus passengers; UNIT; the nasties; the alien ship; the Doctor refusing a companion; foreshadowing (your song is ending); “He will knock four times”

Oh and what happened to the bus driver was probably the result of him accepting something other than good hard currency or a Travelcard to get on his bus; I wouldn’t care to barter with any of my local drivers,

Quibbles? The comedy policeman were a bit annoying and I couldn’t quite get Lady Christina but she might improve on a second watching, all minor stuff really.

Rating stuff – it was on TV early on a Saturday evening so not much to worry about

Tissue count – only a slight tear as I realise this is one down and three to go before the new Doctor takes over

Safety cushion – when I was seven, perhaps

I really enjoyed this, a particularly good episode and it looks like things are building up nicely. The trailer for the next special looked intriguing; it will be called The Waters of Mars and will be on in November or thereabouts. Anagram hounds are already wondering if there is more to the title than meets the eye, and it looks like Donna’s grandfather, Wilf, will be the Doctor’s companion towards the end. All very exciting, but a long time to wait.