poster_knowing_1So you know when you’re watching a film and everything is telling you that you really shouldn’t be enjoying it as much as you are but you can’t help yourself? That perfectly describes The Bride’s reaction to Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage.

In 1959 a time capsule is buried at an elementary school, containing the work of one particular class; most of them have drawn the inevitable pictures of spaceships, but not Lucinda. For she is strange, and has produced two pages of closely written numbers which, despite the disappointment of her class teacher, still manage to find their way into the capsule. Fast forward fifty years and it’s time for the capsule to be dug up, and astrophysics professor and single parent Nicolas Cage is there with his remarkable son Caleb, who gets given Lucinda’s numbers. But do they mean anything? Why yes they do, predicting every major disaster in the past fifty years, but what’s this – there are three still to come. Can Nicolas Cage stop the inevitable? And who are the strange blonde men lurking in the woods?

What I loved about this movie: the prodution values are high; the disaster scenes are really very well done indeed; there are some very effectively creepy moments; the kid playing Caleb is also excellent; the story certainly pulled me in.

What I didn’t like about this movie: I found the switch between sci-fi, disaster and (mild) horror genres a bit disconcerting; Nicolas Cage’s performance was deeply strange (not necessarily in a good way) and the man shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a decent bottle of Scotch; the last 15 minutes or so were a disappointment in many ways (and a bit predictable?)

Rating stuff: 15, due to the strong threat and intense disaster scenes

Tissue count: None

Safety cushion: Nope

This has had pretty mixed reviews (if by mixed you mean most people thinking it’s not very good…), such as at i09 and Empire.

Over dinner the Screen God and I had a fairly thorough post-mortem; he thought it was ruined by the ending and had some major plot holes – could Lucinda really have got all the dates of the major disasters of the past fifty years onto two sides of A4, for example? – and I tried to rationalise why I liked it.

It’s up there with The Medusa Touch as one to be watched whenever it’s on TV, no matter what anyone else thinks!