departedLord, where to start with the plot for this one? Bad guy Jack Nicholson infiltrates the Boston PD with Matt Damon; good guy Martin Sheen infiltrates the mob with Leonardo DiCaprio. High jinks ensue – well OK, maybe not quite. What does follow is violence, double crossing, triple crossing, death, destruction and lots of swearing. I kind of liked it.

What I loved about the movie = the acting; the supporting cast (especially Mark Wahlberg); Matt Damon as a bad guy

What I didn’t like about the movie = Jack Nicholson’s over-acting; Leo’s beard; Leo and Matt falling for the same girl (come on…); and that’s no way to treat Martin Sheen.

Rating stuff = 18 (surprise, surprise)

Tissue count = None

Safety Cushion = Not necessary

I was really glad that Scorsese finally won an Oscar, and as I said I did enjoy this film, but I wish they could have rewarded him for something else as this wasn’t his best.