mothman-propheciesI’m glad I watched this on a sunny Sunday afternoon rather than in the dark on my own, because it is a creepy little film.

Richard Gere’s wife has died having seen something mysterious just before crashing her car; two years later he finds himself in the small town of Point Pleasant, not exactly sure how he got there, and gets drawn into the lives of the townsfolk, many of whom are also seeing mysterious things. What can it all mean?

What I loved about this film = a very nice sense of foreboding; really good performances from Laura Linney and Alan Bates; nice to see Debra Messing in a straight role; the sound effects are very well done

Quibbles = I’m never entirely sure how I feel about Richard Gere…..

Rating stuff = 12 for moderate horror and one use of strong language (which I must have missed)

Tissue count = None

Safety Cushion = came close; like I say, if the sun hadn’t been shining who knows…

Even though I knew what would happen at the end (via a subscription to The Fortean Times and a life-long love-affair with the unexplained) I still found this an effectively chilling film.