coralineSo you probably already know the plot to this one; Coraline and her family move to a new home where, feeling neglected by her parents, she finds a doorway to another version of their house and meets her Other Mother. Things do not look like they are going to turn out well….

What I loved about this movie = well where do I start? It’s Neil Gaiman, who can do no wrong as far as I am concerned; it’s Henry Selick, who directed one of my absolute all-time favourite movies (The Nightmare Before Christmas, in case you weren’t sure); it’s proper stop-motion animation; it’s creepy in the right kind of way; the characterisation is fantastic; Coraline herself is everything you could ask for; and then there’s the whole thing with the buttons….

What I didn’t like about the movie = because we saw this as a preview I didn’t get the choice of whether it should be in 3D or not, and so 3D it was, and of course as per usual I ended up with a headache (I think it’s wearing glasses on top of glasses). Minor quibble, still loved it.

Rating stuff = PG (contains mild threat and scary scenes and one use of mild language – missed it again…)

Tissue count = big, fat zero

Safety Cushion = thoughts of the SC were vaguely on the periphery of my brain; my main thought here was I wish I was 8 or 9 again and going to see this because I think I would have been totally creeped out . Unfortunately, most of my friends who are parents have children who are too young for this one at the moment, as the next best thing to being a kid myself would have been watching it with one.

I really loved this, it’s gone straight onto the DVD purchase list and I think (heretical though the thought might be) that it’s possibly even a tiny wee bit better than Nightmare.

This counts as part of my reading/watching for The Dream King Challenge.