trekgraduationSo the thing you need to know is this – as a woman not usually lost for words, however inadequate they might turn out to be, I cannot find enough superlatives to describe this movie. I resorted to basic Anglo-Saxon when trying to explain how good I thought this was – as a friend of mine says, sometimes swearing IS big and clever.

The thing you need to understand is that I have never really been a huge Star Trek fan; I watched the original series growing up, came to The Next Generation late, enjoyed Deep Space Nine, gave up in despair half-way through Voyager and never attempted Enterprise. The last of the movies I watched was First Contact and although have the others I let the Book God watch them on his own. All this is by way of explanation for the fact that when the making of this film was announced I was pretty indifferent; I got a little more interested when I saw that JJ Abrams was behind it, and as updates trickled out I started to get really intrigued. And then I saw the trailers, and that’s when the excitement began.

I’m not using my normal review template for this one. There is absolutely nothing to quibble about in this movie, it is truly fantastic and I could have sat through the whole thing again as soon as it finished.

If you love science fiction, if you have fond memories of Star Trek, if you like a good story well told you should go and see this film. Trust me.

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And it counts towards the 42 challenge!