Mummy Tomb Dragon EmperorI sat down this evening to watch The Mummy:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor on TV with the best of intentions:

  • I was going to be open-minded
  • I was going to remember how much I’d enjoyed the first and parts of the second film
  • I was going to accept John Hannah’s comedy uncle at face value
  • I was looking forward to the presence of Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh
  • It was in China – that would be exciting

And then the film actually started, and after 30 minutes I looked at the Book God and we decided that life was too short and we’d rather watch  an episode of Eleventh Hour instead.

It’s not that this was a bad film, it was just really dull. And remember, I sat all the way through 10,000 BC, which was at least so awful it was actually fun to watch. This was just boring. A shame really….