bbca_tw_coe_1280x1024OK, so I’ve already mentioned here that I saw a preview of this series at the BFI South Bank in London and got very excited about the whole thing. And now it’s here and I have to talk about it without giving too much away…

Episode 1

So the children all stop all over the world all at the same time. And there’s a suspicious British civil servant and a dark secret. And family stuff relating to all of the (surviving) Torchwood members . And Clem and his sniffing. And guns, lots of guns. And what did we do in 1965? And “We are coming”. And oh boy, a humdinger of a cliffhanger.

Episode 2

Gwen with guns. “You are not eating uncooked potato”. The man in the concrete cell. The containment field. “We are coming back – tomorrow”  Ooh, still exciting. But who or what are the 456 and what do they want?

Episode 3

“We are here” What’s on Floor 13? Why Great Britain? What’s the secret in Jack’s past  – and is there actually more than one? “We want 10%”

And I don’t know what the 456 look like but but it’s pretty creepy so far and the Safety Cushion had to be deployed…..

Episode 4


Episode 5

Well, what can I say? A truly terrible story extremely well told, beautifully acted, high production values and hugely satisfying. But what happens to Torchwood now??