W13So, I think I’ve found my new favourite TV thing while I’m waiting for Fringe to come back. I watched Warehouse 13 when it premiered this week and I loved, loved, loved it.

Right, so we have two Secret Service agents, Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering, one intuitive, the other with an eye for detail (and not the way round you might expect, though actually probably exactly how you would expect it these days, if that makes any kind of sense…. which it doesn’t). While they are doing their protect-the-President duty, something weird and unpleasant happens in relation to a Mayan (I think) bloodstone statue head thing which turns a no doubt mild-mannered museum curator into a bloodthirsty I-must-get myself-a-virgin-sacrifice-at-once kind of guy. Disaster is averted, the artifact disappears, the agents are summoned to South Dakota where they meet Artie, the curator of Warehouse 13 where all the supernatural doo-dahs (including the Mayan head) that threaten the world are stored once they have been caught and neutralised. They are then despaatched to Iowa for their first case….

The good stuff is all around the effectiveness of the buddy thing (I like both Pete and Myka so it works for me), the almost steampunk vibe around many of the artifacts themselves (Artie’s keyboard, the stun gun, the two-way communicator), I like the humour, and although at this stage it’s pretty lightweight there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one.