harpersisland4So I started watching Harper’s island following a recommendation by Silvery Dude who thought I’d enjoy it, and am working through the episodes as they are broadcast, so this will be an end-of series post which makes possible spoilers OK (I guess – but if you don’t like them and intend to watch the series at some point probably best not to go on).


Episode 1

So Henry & Trish are getting married on Harper’s Island; she’s rich, he isn’t but hey, they’re in love so who cares? Well, her Dad, and by the looks of things he’s going to be interfering in an I-want-what-I-think-is-best-for-my-daughter-whether-she-agrees-or-not kind of way. There are lots of beautiful people, a death by propeller in the first 15 minutes, incipient shenanigans, and an older murder mystery looming over everything. Two standouts are our heroine, Abby, and Uncle Marty (played by the great Harry Hamlin) who ends the episode half the man he used to be (according to the continuity announcer on BBC3, possibly the best joke of the night). First impressions = silly, glossy TV slasher, looks like fun, safety cushion will be nearby.

Episode 2

The Scavenger Hunt. Deer head in the bathtub. Comedy Englishman. Decapitated vicar. Small dog enticing pretty rich girl to fiery doom. Traps in the woods, hanged Goths, moody locals. When will anyone notice what’s happening?


And then Silvery Dude said he had stopped watching because of the increase in whiny twenty-somethingness but I thought no, I will not be swayed by his opinion, I am an independent woman who can make her own mind up, I will continue to watch the beautiful young people being terrorised. After all, I loved Dallas because it was so much fun seeing rich people be unhappy.

So then there was a bit of a hiatus as I went on holiday, and when I came back there was a bunch of episodes waiting for me to view and I thought, forget this, Fringe is back and much more worthy of my attention.

So I gave up. And will never know who was killing everyone and why. But I guess I can live with that.