Coraline200912970_fSo as is now traditional, Hallowe’en was spent watching an old favourite and a new classic, both directed by Henry Selick.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all-time favourites, and I watch it every year at this time (plus an additional viewing at Christmas). It more than holds its own against newcomers, and is always a fitting end to Carl’s RIP Challenge (regardless on how well I’ve done on the challenge itself). I reviewed it last year, so if you want to see what I thought, head over here.

But first we watched a new addition to the DVD library, Coraline. Now this was going to be interesting. We saw this movie at a preview screening earlier this year, and didn’t get a chance to specify the format, so had to see it in 3D (my review is here). I have a huge problem with 3D, because I wear glasses, and have to wear 3D specs on top if those (which I have to do as otherwise I just can’t see a thing) leads to an inevitable headache. So watching the 2D DVD turned out to be totally fascinating, as I picked up on loads of detail which I missed at the cinema, and again really couldn’t see what 3D had added to the film. Loved it, and suspect it may become a Hallowe’en fixture.

And I know I’m stretching it a bit calling two movies a fest, but believe me that’s pretty good going for me…