Warehouse_13_title_cardSo, I blogged about the pilot episode of Warehouse 13 here, and have been watching it ever since; episode by episode thoughts as I go along follow:


Episode 2 – Resonance

The old bank-robbers-using-something-mysterious trick to get the cash; all is of course not what it seems. It has sense memories, limbic doo-dahs, very attractive lady FBI agents who have to be got around cos they don’t like the Secret Service treading on their patch, and a security breach at the Warehouse itself. I enjoyed this as a nice establishing episode with some hints of future darkness (and we do like hints of future darkness around here)

Episode 3 – Magnetism

Nice little nod to Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible at the beginning, then it’s all nuns who think they can fly, violent old ladies (made me think a tiny wee bit of Monty Python’s Hell’s Grannies), over-excited teenage musicians, groping paramedics and paranoid sheriffs. Ho hum. But liked the Myka thumping Pete more than once.

Episode 4 – Claudia

The kidnapping-Artie-to-put-right-a-wrong one. Pete and Myka  working out by themselves how to find him. And I thought Claudia was going to be really irritating in a self-consciously quirky-bright-girl kind of way, but she grows on you….

Episode 5 – Elements

Native American legends meet modern(ish) sculpture, powerful rich men, sacred caves, potential end of the world as we know it scenario, flirting Myka. Claudia becomes part of the team. Thought the effects work was pretty dodgy in places.

Episode 6 – Burnout

The one with the missing (now dead) Warehouse agent from the 1960s. Nice touch that they keep the rooms and personal effects of missing agents intact. Not much of an explanation of what the thing actually was, nor why they didn’t use the usual stuff to deal with it, but some nice Peter and Myka stuff and Claudia is really growing on me. Plus totally with Pete on the cookie thing.


View so far = not very demanding but really easy to watch, and the cast and their relationships are (so far) really sweet.