280px-Crashing_the_wedding_45824812_doctorSo, getting close to the end of David Tennant’s reign as Doctor Who and here we are with him making a significant appearance in the spin-off children’s series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Sarah Jane, erstwhile companion of the Doctor from the old series, and always one of my very favourites as she was around when I used to watch it regularly during the Jon Pertwee/Tom Baker days, has met a rather nice man and after a whirlwind romance is about to get married.

This is very disconcerting to her son and young companions who want her to be happy but are suspicious about how quickly this has happened and very wary of the gentleman in question. They would have been even more wary if they’d been TV drama watching adults because Nigel Havers has made a career out of playing dashing-but-something-not-quite-right-about-him characters.

And of course it all sounds too good to be true and is, as rather a sad story plays itself out over the two episodes. But The Doctor is fabulous as always, a slightly more heightened version of the character than in the main series, but all the usual stuff is there: the quizzical frown,’spit spot’, ‘allons-y’, ‘I’m sorry’ and lots of diving around.

Elisabeth Sladen is excellent value as always, and I really enjoyed this story in a series that I have tended to avoid because of its target audience being slightly younger children than traditional Who.

And was there foreshadowing of changes to come? Oh, yes, I rather think there was.