Waters of MarsOh. My. God.

Well, that was a bit ……..


I mean there was the whole what was he doing there anyway thing. Just so happened to turn up on that day???

‘Name, rank and purpose’ ‘The Doctor. Doctor. Fun’

And the running.

And the stuff about bikes.

And the water…. lots of water.

And the fabulous Adelaide, and how star-struck he was.

And the whole fixed points in time thing that I thought was fact until he said it was theory.

And the robot.

And what he told her. And the thing he did. And the other thing he did. And then the thing she did. And the other other thing he did. And then what she said. And then the other thing she did. And his reaction. And the foreshadowing. And then the end.

And to cap it all there was a teaser for the last ever Tennant story at Christmas. With him. And him. And him. And especially her. Can’t wait; may possibly expire with anticipation. Or not. But still. Wow.