So I talked about the pilot here. And then I reviewed episodes up to the middle of the series here. And now I’m looking at the second half of this first season of Warehouse 13; am pretty sure there is going to be a second one….. (have now actually checked and yes, there definitely will)


Episode 7 – Implosion

And herewith arrives the Big Bad. And he’s British (hurrah for Villains-r-Us). So there’s a sword in bits, implosions (kinda gives it away in the title), tension between Pete’n’Myka and their former boss, Artie’s past coming back to haunt him, Mrs Frederic (of whom there is never enough), and (oops) slightly dodgy special effects. Still good fun though.

Episode 8 – Duped

So off to Las Vegas to find out how a couple of minor league con artists are hitting the big time, but not until a mishap in the Warehouse with Pete’n’Myka, the mirror from Alice Through the Looking Glass and the Studio 54 glitterball, which leaves an Evil Myka which, once original Myka is spotted in the mirror everyone gets except Artie, being arrogant and full  of himself as always. Ends well but still; Evil Myka pretty cool. Liked the ‘how did you work it out?’ ‘the real Myka would never have kissed me even if her life depended on it’ exchange. And hugs at the end. No appearance of British Big Bad.

Episode 9 – Regrets

The one in the prison in Florida during the storm with the deeply religious person and the potential for riots. And ghosties (probably). And guilt (definitely). And in talking about a picture of the Ouroboros they had one of the only references to one of my favourite bands (yay Rush!!) I’ve ever heard in non-musical TV. Absolutely thrilled with the Snakes and Arrows reference, had to rewind and play recording again just so the Book God could hear. Oh and Claudia shows exactly why you should never use any of the artifacts to help with the housework…

Episode 10 – Breakdown

Possibly my favourite episode so far. So Artie goes off to meet the mysterious Regents who basically run the whole Warehouse-artifact-out-of-circulation set-up. And we find out that Mrs F is possibly not the scariest of Artie’s superiors. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (as it were) Claudia has another artifact mishap (something unfortunate with dodgeballs and sticky string and Pete’n’Myka get kind of trapped with her. We see the Dark Vault. We see the very funny Sylvia Plath thing (well, I thought it was funny). But of course everything gets sort of reset at the end, and more importantly Artie is allowed to go after the Big British Bad. Cue foreshadowing and impending cliffhangerage.

Episode 11 – Nevermore

The inevitable Edgar Allen Poe episode. The stuffed raven. The pen. Big Bad goes after family. Myka’s dad in danger. Stalkerish teenage boy. Creepy ink crawling all over skin effects. All a bit of a distraction. Even more foreshadowing and impending cliffhangerage.

Episode 12 – MacPherson

So we get the whole backstory at last, why MacPherson is the way he is, why he and Artie don’t get on, what he’s actually up to, double-crossing, triple-crossing, “but it can’t be!” moments, and a cliffhanger that is no longer impending. Are they trapped? Is that person no longer with us? Have to wait until next series to see…..


I really enjoyed this series. Yes, the special effects weren’t all that. Yes, the scripts were occasionally a bit wonky. But the ;eads were hugely likeable, and it’s fun and frothy and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.