FringeS2PosterMedThe second series. Still kind of recovering from the first one……


Episode 1: A New Day in the Old Town

Olivia returns from the alternate reality; Peter tries to find out what exactly happened; Walter does more mad scientist stuff with custard; Broyles is cool in the face of provocation. OMG. Charlie!!!

Episode 2: Night of Desirable Objects

The Fringe team travels to Pennsylvania to investigate an underground tunnel full of body bits; Walter does more mad scientist stuff with frogs to travel between realities; Broyles is cool. Goodness, people being dragged underground; Olivia meets Sam and is given bowling shoes; the whole weirdo hearing thing; the very special typewriter.

Episode 3: Fracture

Peter, Olivia, and Walter race against time to investigate the bombing of a train station. Human icy bomb thing. Iraq. Secret military projects. Taking things into one’s own hands. More Sam. Broyles still cool.

Episode 4: Momentum Deferred

Olivia’s it’s-all-coming-back-to-me-now episode. Leonard Nimoy (hurrah!). OMG! Charlie (again). Just shoot him!!! Broyles looks cool while being sympathetic. This is the episode where we get a bit of the backstory and it all begins to make some sense (not entirely though….)

Episode 5: Dream Logic

People going mad in their dreams and doing stuff they wouldn’t ordinarily do, but who’s behind it all? Broyles looks cool meeting Nina Sharp. Walter looks worried when Peter starts to dream about his childhood.

Episode 6: Earthling

The one where people turn to ash. Broyles looks cool and pained about his past all at the same time. Spooky space stuff. Russians. Spooky hospital stuff. More Russians. Hazmat suits (also creepy).

Episode 7: Of Human Action

Kidnapping. Massive Dynamic. Why you should always tell children the truth. Broyles looks cool even when he’s been shot. Not much more to say really…..

Episode 8: August

The Observers. More kidnapping. Getting involved. Chilli peppers. Love. Foreshadowing…..


I just love this series. I know that some think it’s too close to and yet not quite as good as the X-Files (which I also loved) but I don’t care, I think it’s great. Will be glad when it comes back from its break this week.