So it’s worth saying that this is the first Guy Ritchie film that I have ever seen (his other stuff just hasn’t appealed to me at all) and the only reason I did go to see this one is because I’m a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and wanted to see how he handled it. And of course as soon as I realised it was kind of steampunk there was no way I was actually going to miss it.

So, Lord Blackwood has been unmasked by Holmes as a serial killer dabbling in black magic; he is summoned to visit Blackwood on the eve of his execution and is told that this is not the end but the beginning and other hints of horrible things to come. And it does indeed appear that Blackwood rises from the dead. At the same time, Holmes is trying to cope with Watson’s impending engagement and the end of their partnership. And of course as events unfold nothing is quite like it seems….

Things I loved = Robert Downey Jr was of course great, but the big standout for me was Mark Strong as Lord Blackwood, really sinister and evil and making it all look effortless; surprisingly I also liked Jude Law, not an actor I normally warm to; the look and feel of the movie was excellent; hints of Moriarty in the Irene Adler subplot were fun

Things not so much loved = hardly anything really; Holmes mumbled a bit too much but I got used to that, the rest is all minor quibbles, e.g. I’m sure they went the wrong way on the Thames to get to Nine Elms (Book God agrees), there’s no way they could have got from the cellars of the Houses of Parliament to the top of Tower Bridge in that amount of time etc., but tiny wee quibbles really

Rating stuff = 12A (contains moderate violence i.e. Holmes gets involved in a lot of punch ups)

Tissue count = 0

Safety cushion = nope

Really enjoyable romp, and possibly the start of a franchise. Wouldn’t mind seeing another if it’s as much fun as this.