So it’s become a habit on Hogmanay for the Book God and I to watch a movie while waiting for The Bells and the fireworks and toasting in the New Year with the really, really, really good whisky kept secure for special occasions. 

In 2008 it was Wall-E; for 2009 I decided it was time for the Book God to be introduced to the delights of The Princess Bride.

But when it comes to writing a review of something that’s become a much-loved classic, blogger’s block struck.

Do I outline the plot as normal? I mean, there are very few people who haven’t seen this, surely, the BG being a notable exception but I’ve already learned that there are some quite significant gaps in his film knowledge.

Do I say what I loved about the movie? Well, that might be easier: rodents of unusual size, the Dread Pirate Roberts, the host of familiar faces (particularly Chris Sarandon whom I love to bits) and a repertory company of recognisable British Actors; Inigo Montoya and the whole you killed my father prepare to die schtick; the fact that it’s sweet and funny and a bit subversive all at the same time.

And the rest of my normal review approach? Well, I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about this movie; even the wonky special effects are great fun. And it isn’t sentimental ro scary so my usual props weren’t required. And its a PG rating for mild fantasy violence and language.

But mostly its a great movie about the power of true love and it was absolutely the right choice for my last film of the year. Love it.