So it’s been over a month since I went to see this with the Book God as our big marking-the-end-of-the-holiday-season movie, and now everyone in the world who is going to see it probably has, and it’s been nominated for an Oscar as best picture and overtaken Titanic as the highest-grossing  film of all time.

And the question to be asked is: why write about it now?

Well, I could say that I wanted to absorb the 3D IMAX experience and think a little bit about the plot and not just go for the gut reaction, but if I’m honest I meant to write about this a lot earlier and kind of got diverted by work-related stuff, and just haven’t got round to it until now.

So humans are on Pandora and want to force the native population to move so that the natural resources of the planet can be exploited, and they connect the minds of some key people to avatars of the Na’Vi in order to infiltrate/interact with their culture and persuade them to co-operate. Our hero wasn’t first choice but is replacing his late brother and becomes overly involved with the locals, and you can probably see what’s coming….

Things I loved = it looks absolutely beautiful, like a great big Roger Dean poster (which is why I picked the image for this post which looks just like some of the pictures that graced my walls when I was a student); Sigourney Weaver is in it, and I love that woman; the bad guy is an excellent villain; the Na’Vi look wonderful (blue cats like everyone says)

Things I didn’t like so much = still underwhelmed by the whole 3D thing, the 2D clips I’ve seen of this on TV look just as good (if not better) but at least this time I didn’t get my usual headache; it is almost impossible not to work out the plot within the first 15 minutes, though if you haven’t done so there is a lovely big signpost for a major plot point to come about two-thirds of the way through – but these are quibbles really

Rating stuff = 12A for moderate violence, threat and language

Tissue count = only in relation to having to watch the thing in 3D

Safety cushion = no, insufficient peril (and physical lack of cushion – still haven’t found a way to plausibly sneak one into a cinema)

So, I’m glad I saw it, I did enjoy it, but when a friend asked whether they should see this or Sherlock Holmes, Mr Downey Jr won hands down.