So here’s the thing. I am a woman of a certain age, as has been mentioned here and also on Bride of the Book God, and I love things that hark back to when I was absorbing most of the popular culture stuff that has stayed with me. By this of course I mean anything to do with the 1970s. Three of my favourite movies are The Towering Inferno, All The President’s Men and Silent Running. Not a bad list at all, but you can see very quickly that they have something in common. Yup, that 70s thing.

So when I saw that Moon was being released, and that it was being directed by someone who also picked up a lot of their pop culture in the great decade, I had a funny feeling that this was going to be absolutely terrific. And I was not wrong.

So Sam Rockwell is working on the Moon in a mining facility, accompanied only by a helpful computer/robot called Gerty, when he has an accident which calls into question everything that he believes to be true. No more about the plot, though you do find out what’s going on pretty quickly; it’s how our hero reacts to it that’s important.

Things loved = I really, really like Sam Rockwell, always have, certainly doesn’t disappoint here; Kevin Spacey is brilliant as Gerty; the moonbase looks suitably battered and grungy; the plot is touching and thought-provoking; I like melancholy, what can I say? Duncan Jones is a director to watch.

Things disliked = nothing; nada; tis almost perfect

Rating stuff = 15 (for strong language)

Tissue count = definitely a couple of times when I sniffled a bit; even the Book God was heard to mutter “oh, bless!” while watching

I adored this film, it was the one I chose to watch on my birthday and I am so glad I did, it was a real gem.

I have managed to review this without saying anything hugely meaningful; for a more articulate review (as always) please visit Carl here.