So the Book God was away somewhere exciting for the evening and I decided to watch a movie that I thought he probably wouldn’t enjoy (he doesn’t do “quirky”, though claims I apply this definition far too widely – you just can’t win sometimes). I had had a birthday drink with my friend Silvery Dude and we got onto the subject of films we loved but the other hadn’t seen, and SD was astonished that I had never watched Being John Malkovich even though the DVD had been in my possession for some time.

So what else was a girl to do but settle down with a bowl of pasta and a large glass of white wine and indulge herself.

John Cusack (with bad hairdo) is a not-very-successful puppeteer who is persuaded by wife Cameron Diaz (with an even more unfortunate hairdo) to take a job as a filing clerk in a particularly odd little company, where he finds a hidden door which leads to a tunnel which takes you inside the mind of John Malkovich for 15 minutes or so before being dumped by the side of the New Jersey turnpike. And then it gets weird.

Things loved = really weird, great acting, very funny, John Malkovich absolutely amazing

Things disliked = can’t think of anything

Rating stuff = 15 for lots of strong language, bits of sex and a tad of violence (sounds like a good night out to me, but there you go….)

Tissue count = nada

Safety cushion = ditto

Note to self: must remember to pay attention to Silvery Dude more often.