So with the first episode of the new Matt-Smith-is-The-Doctor era soon upon us (a week today in fact) I thought it would be worth re-watching the last gasp of Mr Tennant given my total failure to blog about it when I watched it in real-time at Christmas (which now seems so long ago….)

So after his failure in The Waters of Mars, the Doctor finally responds to a summoning by the Ood (whose development is accelerating at an alarming rate) and heads off to Earth to save us all from the return of The Master, though of course deeper and darker things are afoot…

Best bits:

  • “It is said that in the final days of planet Earth everyone had bad dreams”
  • “Blimey, try to make an Ood laugh”
  • Brian Cox as the voice of the Elder Ood
  • “Miss Trefusis, if you will prepare”
  • The Silver Cloak
  • The Master’s deeply unpleasant eating habits
  • Wilf and The Doctor in the cafe
  • “She’s making do” “Aren’t we all?”
  • “There’s more at work tonight than you and me”
  • “Only you stand at the heart of coincidence”
  • the need to stay relative to The Master in the causal nexus
  • “He loves playing with Earth girls”
  • “I wonder what I’d be without you?”
  • the white point star – a big dent for a small diamond
  • “That’s how the Master started”
  • “Sometimes I think the Time Lord lives too long”
  • “Get out of the way”
  • “It’s started”
  • “Keep looking; I’ll be there”
  • “I don’t want to go”

And of course more bittersweet goodbyes than The Return of the King (and that’s really saying something), best one being (of course) Captain Jack in the bar

And of course I cried like an idiot at the end (again)

And Bernard Cribbins should get a knighthood

And who knew James Bond was a Time Lord??

And if you are interested in reading more about plot threads, mysteries and potential theories to address them you really should read this at But in my view, the woman in white is the Doctor’s mother, but I haven’t a clue about the identity of the other dissenting Time Lord.

Wonder if the new series will be a totally fresh start or whether some of this stuff will transfer over?

Not long to wait now….