So, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, where to start?

Fair to say I’ve been looking forward to this for absolutely ages, examining every teaser trailer and poster and image that I could get my hands on when they popped up on the interweb.

Then it started to sound a little worrying. OK, not a traditional re-telling of the Alice story but that’s not necessarily a problem; let’s face it, I have the Looking Glass Wars trilogy by Frank Beddor so not averse to looking at a favourite story from a different angle. But something niggled, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it….

Still, when I had the opportunity to see either it or Shutter Island at the movies last weekend I plumped for Alice as an experience that really needed the big screen to have its fullest impact. But not in 3D (not going to go over that argument again, suffice to say once again couldn’t see what was missing by seeing it the old-fashioned way….)

Not going to try to explain the plot, would take ages. Enough to know Alice goes back…..

Things I loved = Helena Bonham-Carter is (in her own way) a national treasure; Barbara Windsor is a dormouse!, Stephen Fry is a cat!; the costumes, and settings and general look of the thing is absolutely gorgeous; Elfman’s music is great; Sir Christopher Lee is the Jabberwocky; c’mon, it has Johnny Depp in it….

Not so much = the prologue went on a bit too long for my liking, and I got distracted because I could recognise but not remember Marton Csokas (not sufficiently Celeborn-like to be instantly spotted), and I was also distracted a tiny wee bit by playing spot the well-known British actor; the Deppmeister’s voice was seriously weird; oh, and Anne Hathaway’s lipstick was really quite disturbingly dark…

Rating stuff = PG (contains moderate fantasy violence….. and a Jabberwocky)

Tissue count  = 0

Safety cushion = see Jabberwocky (but only a little bit, it’s fantasy violence, you see)

So first thirty minutes I was seriously worried I wasn’t going to like this at all but when it really got going it became very interesting, and I intend to make a point of seeing it again. But not in 3D.