OK, so the day finally dawned and the Book God and I settled down to watch the first Matt Smith Dr Who episode, and it didn’t disappoint. All this with a tiny wee bit of trepidation as I have long been a David Tennant fan, but fears had been allayed by the teaser trailers and clips which suggested that the Boy Smith might just have done good.

And so it proved to be.

And that’s as far as I got when I sat down to write this on 4 April and here we are a month and a half later and almost half-way through the series and I still haven’t published what I thought, and it’s probably too late but I don’t care cos I’m going to do the thing anyway.

And relax.

Plot synopsis = new doctor, out-of-control Tardis, small girl, crack in wall, Dr W goes away for 5 minutes, comes back not quite within that timeframe (oh, alright then, well outside said timeframe), escaped alien prisoner, saves the world, gains an outfit.

All while looking about 15.


  • not sure yet about new music and title sequence
  • wee girl playing Amelia is brilliant and I seriously covet her red Wellingtons
  • “Who are you?” “Don’t know yet; still cooking”
  • whole food thing very silly except for “You’re Scottish – fry something”
  • “Give me five minutes, I’ll be right back”
  • “Because they called for you”
  • corner of your eye thing (see, I’ve always suspected that’s how the world worked)
  • 12 years and 4 psychiatrists
  • The Raggedy Doctor
  • times when he really sounds like Mr Tennant
  • “Just believe me for twenty minutes”
  • “Blimey! get a girlfriend Jeff!”
  • Silence will fall
  • “You lot. Back here. Now”
  • “I am definitely a madman with a box”

So good stuff first thing in.

Since then we’ve had the UK as a spaceship (OK), the Daleks in WWII (also OK), Weeping Angels and River Song two-parter (liked that one) and vampires in Venice (really liked that one).

So I am happy except for the occasions where he just looks like a wee boy, but that will pass I’m sure. And tonight Amy is married and pregnant and five years on from her last journey with The Doctor. Should be interesting.