OK, worth saying that I have a huge soft spot for Terry Gilliam, ever since getting into Monty Python in my early teens (which was in the 1970s so not too long after the TV series had finished and of course slap bang in the middle of them making films). And of course Brazil is a masterpiece. So although I haven’t got the full canon and don’t always watch his stuff as soon as it comes out I do get around to it eventually. Still haven’t got around to watching Twelve Monkeys yet, a serious omission according to Silvery Dude but there you go, what can I say?

Anyway, had full intended to trot off to the cinema to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with the Book God but we didn’t get ourselves organised in time to do that before this sort of disappeared from screens but determined to get it as soon as the DVD was released, and so it came to pass.

So, Doctor Parnassus is who knows how old, has done a deal with the Devil, has a travelling show with his daughter, his sidekick and a young man. When Tony drops into their lives things get a little interesting and Dr P ends up competing with the Devil to capture 5 souls to release himself from his original wager.

I think.

Because this is the thing about The I of Dr P, the plot is important I’m sure but actually it is all about the visuals for me and this is why I think a lot of people found it confusing.

Things I loved = Christopher Plummer as Dr P – he has always been one of my absolutely fave actors despite The Sound of Music and he has only improved with age; Tom Waits; Heath Ledger and his replacements (worked really well, almost as if it had been intended from the get-go); it’s very funny in places; the visuals as I’ve already said

Things liked not so much = it is a bit all over the place but still more stimulating than most other things you’ll see on screen this year

Rating stuff = 12 (but can’t remember why and Silvery Dude has my copy so can’t check – apparently he dozed off first time he tried to watch it which I’m putting down to heavy workload, red wine and three small children rather than the film itself)

Tissue count = nice little bitter-sweet ending but no need to blub

Safety cushion = not required

So worth a gander if you like the man Gilliam. Someone said (and apologies to that person for not remembering who or where or even when I heard this) that the I of Dr P was more interesting to talk about than sit through; harsh but can see what they mean (up to a point).

Still I liked it and intend to watch again.