I approached this with real interest being the first of the Harry Potter movies that

  • I haven’t read in book form (or at least listened to the audio book) first
  • I didn’t see in the cinema

Wasn’t going to bother with a synopsis of the plot because it’s probably way too complicated anyway but basically Voldemort and Death Eaters back, everyone back at Hogwarts in fear etc, Dumbledore using Harry to get at some information about Voldemort as a boy which Professor Slughorn has but doesn’t want to share. And then it all goes a bit pear-shaped. But it’s OK because all the kids (my how they’ve grown) have also discovered boys/girls so young love a counterpoint to intense evil. Or something.

Things loved = atmosphere really cool; Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman still brilliant; Draco Malfoy wonderfully malevolent and vulnerable at the same time; Ginny is my hero; or is Hermione my hero?

Things not liked so much = I miss Richard Harris as Dumbledore; some of my favourite minor characters not in it enough (inevitable I suppose)

Rating stuff = 12 because it contains moderate threat (you think?)

Tissue count = should have but didn’t

Safety cushion = not sufficiently scary to warrant that

Reading back on what I’ve said above my response seems a bit lukewarm, but I actually really enjoyed this, and that was partly because I hadn’t read the book beforehand so wasn’t distracted by the whole that’s different/that didn’t happen/why did they do it like that stuff which you often get with an adaptation. I still like Harry (though to my mind the girl characters are always more interesting) and his relationship with Dumbledore is quite affecting.

So worth watching, and I am sure I’ll be going to see The Deathly Hallows when it gets released in however many parts.

Oh and the limited edition Death Eater case that the DVD came in is so cool…..