I’ve had this film in various forms for goodness knows how long, but only got round to watching it recently following a recommendation from Silvery Dude – well, when I say a recommendation, what actually happened was I lent him The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (as reviewed here), we had a general discussion on how great Terry Gilliam is, and then shock was expressed that I had not yet watched Twelve Monkeys. So I did.

So Bruce Willis goes back in time (or does he?) to try to pinpoint (if not prevent) the start of a plague which has wiped out a massive proportion of the human race and forced the remnants to live underground. And there’s not much more to be said without giving plot points away.

Things I loved = the cast was excellent – Mr Willis, Mr Pitt, Mr Plummer to name but three; it had a fascinating feel, a steampunky future vibe thing; the time travel stuff (or was it?) made sense (more or less)

Not so much = well, not much to say here, I liked it .

Rating stuff = 15 (definitely grown-up stuff)

Tissue count = 0

Safety cushion = not necessary

So this was a film that created a bit of a division chez Bride.

I thought it was clever, interesting, will want to watch it again now that I understand the plot to see what I may or may not have missed on first viewing.

The Book God absolutely loathed it, found it too depressing with nothing positive that he could see.

We agreed to disagree.

It’s either a film you get or not, and I think I got it.