So, the Book God and I decided we wanted a proper grown-up film to watch and we certainly got that with Syriana, the film for which George Clooney got a well-deserved best supporting actor Oscar. I’m a great admirer of Mr Clooney (still swooning over Michael Clayton) and I have come to appreciate Matt Damon as an actor in recent years, so knew that this was going to be worth watching.

Plot synopsis may be difficult as I’m not sure that I entirely kept track of everything that was going on, but let’s have a go. So there’s a CIA guy who has managed to mislay a missile in Iran,  there’s an oil business analyst who has a family tragedy but it brings him together with the son of a Middle Eastern potentate who wants to make a difference to his country in a way that the US establishment won’t like, while two US oil companies are being investigated for corruption and in the background immigrant workers are being radicalised. And it all sort of comes together. I think.

Things loved = it has two of my absolute favourite actors doing fabulous work – Christopher Plummer and Mark Strong, the latter in particular in very scary form; a really adult (in the best sense) plot that doesn’t spell the answers out in words of one syllable; gripping

Things disliked = none, really enjoyed watching this

Rating stuff = 15 (contains strong violence and language)

Tissue count = 0

Safety cushion = No

Hopefully its clear that I enjoyed watching this, and will definitely watch it again if only to make sure that I really did understand everything that was going on, or am I just an old woman who can’t keep track of any plot that is even slightly complicated? I’m hoping for the former, seriously worried that the latter might turn out to be true.

And if that’s the case then the moral of this film is that stuff around oil is bad.