So though I have often said that I don’t do romantic comedy, I do do romance, and there is very little that is more romantic than the relationship Claire and Henry have in The Time Traveler’s Wife.

I will declare an interest here – I absolutely worshipped the book which unfortunately I read before starting my book blog and so there is no review to direct you to. Suffice to say that I was within 50 or so pages of the end and had to stop reading (I was on the bus heading home) to prevent me from disgracing myself – I got home, finished it and sobbed like an idiot. So the film had some high expectations to meet.

Which it did more or less.

 The plot for those who haven’t read the novel is basically one of time travel (like it says on the tin).  Henry has a genetic condition which means he travels backwards and forwards in time, but with no control over where he ends up or how long he stays there. Claire meets Henry when she is a little girl and he becomes her friend, but the film begins with him really meeting her for the first time; she’s an adult and knows who he is, but he hasn’t a clue about their relationship. And I’m going to stop now because this is when the whole time travel thing gets confusing.

Things I loved = Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams are really good, I found their great love to be convincing; the film is beautiful to look at and the tone is just right

Things I didn’t like so much = inevitably when a film is made of a book you love all you can see are the things that are missing, so the plot is simplified, there are a couple of places where the story is (I thought) softened a little, and although I understand why the ending was changed and how in some ways it works better dramatically, I still preferred the ending in the book

Rating stuff = 12 (brief sight of a bloody injury and scenes of emotional distress – lots of those, definitely)

Tissue count = 4 (the book was half a box at least)

Safety cushion = not required; it helps protect from monsters, doesn’t deal with the whole blubbing thing

So I thought this was an honourable attempt at making a decent movie out a of a complex story and I’m glad I watched it. Silvery Dude gets a minor credit for lending me this, though I would probably have caught it on TV at some point.