So the third Toy Story movie, in 3D no less though regular readers will know that my dislike of 3D knows no bounds and will not be surprised that we went to see the traditional version. And it says a lot about how keen I was to see this film that the Book God and I went to see this the weekend it opened. For I am not good with children in general and toddlers in particular if there are more than three of them gathered together at once.

And there were definitely more than three of them at this screening.

So Andy is grown up and going to college and putting aside childish things as you do. By some mistake (that’s Mum to you) the toys end up being donated to a Day Centre where it becomes clear that all is not as it appears on the surface. Woody gets separated from the others for a bit but they soon get back together and plan their escape so that they can make it home to Andy before he leaves.

Things I loved = the characters are so well-developed now that it’s a joy to watch them, but the new toys this time round were also excellent, especially those owned by little Bonnie; the animation is just top-notch; it was a really well-written story with some great gags; there is nothing funnier in this movie than Ken, especially when trying on his various outfits for Barbie. And as always the supporting short was really cool as well.

Things I didn’t like = not a thing to complain about, all was fabulous

Rating stuff = U (contains mild violence and scary scenes)

Tissue count = Far too many to mention. Blubbed like an idiot at the end, but for all the right reasons. Lots of throat clearing going on around me so I wasn’t the only one. The children in the audience were, of course, immune to what was purely an adult phenomenon.

Safety cushion = Well, I was surprisingly anxious during the bit in the incinerator and felt like a wally for being so (these are animated characters, they can’t even get hurt doing the stunts) and the big baby doll was slightly creepy though I pulled myself together by reminding myself that I’m 48 not 3. What a wuss.

I’ve been encouraging my friends with children to take their families to see this, but to practice a covering strategy to deal with the undoubted emotional punch at the end. A fitting climax to a great series of films.