Another pick for Film Night chez Bride, Ponyo is the most recent (I think) animated film by Miyazaki, and pretty wonderful it is too.

So Sosuke is 5 years old living with his Mum in a wonderful house at the top of a cliff where he can watch his Dad’s trawler pass by on its various fishing trips. One day he finds a small fish trapped in a glass jar, rescues it and names it Ponyo. She (for yes, it’s a girl fish) is more than she appears, being entirely magical and the daughter of two beings, one effectively a goddess, the other a wizard. And Dad using all the skills at his disposal manages to get her back.

But she really likes Sosuke and transforms herself into a real girl so they can be together. High jinks of a magical nature follow – will Ponyo go back to the sea or stay on land??

Things loved = this is just adorable, the animation is superb (though in many ways less sophisticated than some of his other works), the voice cast is brilliant and it’s just a sweet little story

Things not so loved = it was all great

Rating stuff = U (contains very mild threat)

Tissue count = 0

Safety cushion = the threat really was very, very mild

So all in all another success, one of those films at the end of which everyone just goes “Awwww, bless”