So, the Book God was out having dinner with friends and I was mooching about the house with Chinese food and a fizzy drink (not champagne, sadly) looking for something engaging to watch while he was out, preferably something that we wouldn’t have watched together, and I remembered that I had recorded The September Issue and decided that was just the ticket.

Which it was.

I’m very fond of documentaries, and this is a doozy, being about the conception, design, pulling together and publishing of the September 2007 edition of American Vogue, always the most important and traditionally biggest issue because of the Autumn/Winter collections. And lots and lots of adverts showing really pretty and largely unaffordable (by me anyway) things.

I adored this so much, I was totally enthralled from the get go. It’s (not an original observation by any means – it says so on the DVD cover so it must be true) the real-life Devil Wears Prada (which I haven’t seen yet, nor have I read the book even though I’ve got it somewhere, but now absolutely must do one or other or both). Anna Wintour is everything I thought she would be, aloof but almost certainly a darned fine editor with a very clear vision. But the star for me (as for so many others who watched this I’m sure) was Grace Coddington, a wonderful English former model (and when I say former we are talking late 1950s, early 1960’s) who has an equally strong vision and an  astonishing resemblance to Elizabeth I. She was absolutely fab and the only one with the gumption to hold her own against Ms Wintour.

I was absolutely the target audience for this – I subscribe to (albeit British) Vogue; it’s one of the great treats of my month and I don’t accept  the view that high fashion is necessarily shallow. I am after all a woman who can measure life-defining moments by the handbags I bought to mark them. I have Prada shoes. I have my pride and joy – a Vivienne Westwood handbag which will be one of the few things I will grab should I have to rush out of the house in case of fire. So sitting for 90 minutes or so watching very lucky women handling racks of totally gorgeous clothes (which, being a short wide person, I will never be able to wear in this lifetime) was an absolute joy.

Loved it, loved it, loved it.

I’ll stop gushing now…….