So this is one of the films that I have been looking forward to since I became aware of it this time last year.

I don’t know why it lodged itself in my imagination; I wasn’t a reader of the comic book, so I didn’t have that fangirl anticipation that comes from knowing that someone is trying to turn something you love into a movie.

Wasn’t really the cast either; I like Michael Cera (thought he was great in Juno) but again there was none of that “ooh Thing is in a new film, must go and see that” that I sometimes get.

But still, it got in there and I kept an eye open for any news.

And then the trailers started popping up and it looked pretty cool, so it was a no-brainer that I would drag the Book God to see this over the August Bank Holiday weekend, especially as this year, for all sorts of reasons mainly to do with seeing two of the films being performed with a live orchestra, we had decided not to run our traditional Lord of the Rings extended versions movie marathon over the break.

Then the date got closer and I started to wonder if there was too much hype, and would I really like this, and was I too old for the whole twenty-something slacker experience likely to feature heavily in this movie? So I grabbed volume 1 of the comic book (reviewed here) and loved it, which made me worry all the more that the best bits might all have been in the trailer and I would splash out my British pounds for a less than worthwhile experience.

But I need not have feared.

Yes, it’s probably largely a triumph of style over substance, but as style goes it’s right up there with the most stylish thing you can think of (I just can’t think of the most stylish thing I can think of at this precise moment).

Yes, the Book God thought it was well done but he didn’t engage with the characters (what does he know?).

But I laughed out loud several times, fell in love with Kieran Culkin’s character (despite knowing that I am so not his type), enjoyed the clever visuals very much, deplored that more wasn’t made of Anna Kendrick, still like Michael Cera, thought the music was pretty cool and pondered whether in a  face-off between said Cera and Jason Schwartzman which would I choose (Jason, actually, looking very fab here).

So loved it, it’s on the DVD list and I’m pleased that at my advanced age I still have the capacity to geek. YMMV.