I’m getting increasingly embarrassed by the number of really cool films that have been sitting on my shelves being ignored for what seems like eternity until Film Night chez Bride brings them to prominence.

So it is with Dark City, which I have had on video for goodness knows how long and never got around to watching, then bought the shiny Director’s Cut which sat there for a significantly shorter period of time before we finally watched it. I’m not sure what actually brought it to the front of what passes for my conscious brain. I think I may have read a reference to it in connection with something entirely different, but however it got there I’m glad because this was a real treat and possibly one of my favourite film watches of 2010 which, given it was made in 1998, is really saying something.

So the eternally lovely Rufus Sewell wakes up in the bath of seedy hotel to find an unpleasantly dead young woman in the bedroom and to receive a mysterious phone call from Kiefer Sutherland (for it is indeed he) warning him to get out before the supremely creepy Strangers (very pale gentlemen of various heights dressed in black overcoats and hats) come to get him.

In parallel William Hurt (one of my favourites) is investigating the murder of this woman who turns out to be one of many and, Rufus’s name having come to his attention as a suspect, hooks up with Jennifer Connelly (Rufus’s wife) who wants to know why her husband doesn’t remember her and whether he is in fact a serial killer. 

And then there’s the fact that everyone seems to have problems with their memories.

And then it gets really weird (but in a good way, promise).

Can’t really say much more without getting into possible plot spoilerage but I loved, loved, loved this film; really great grown-up sci-fi/fantasy, incredibly stylish, full of really great actors (many of them British) and with a really good story at its heart.

And it made sense, more or less.

And I found the ending really satisfying.

And if like me you’ve always thought “that looks interesting” but never actually got round to watching it then you must, you really must. i promise you won’t be disappointed.

But if I’m wrong and you find it horrible and tedious and more style than substance then feel free to come back here and call me names….