Well, what to say about Public Enemies?

A Michael Mann film, and I confess I have loved him since Manhunter; without doubt he enabled the best Hannibal Lecter ever to appear in a movie (as played by the great Brian Cox).

I have that on DVD somewhere and it is overdue for re-watching.

But I digress.

So, as I’ve said, a Michael Mann film so you know that it’s going to be of a certain quality with a very stylish look and a great cast, and that’s exactly what you get here. The story is straightforward, it’s all about the FBI manhunt for John Dillinger (as played by the fabulous Johnny Depp, looking totally at home in the fashion of the period) and his gang as they rob banks left, right and centre. Leading the manhunt is Melvin Purvis, a nicely brooding Christian Bale, with a team that stops at very little to get their man.

Not much more to say about the plot; most people know how Dillinger meets his end so in many ways not a suspenseful film but enjoyable nonetheless.

I think you either like gangster movies or you don’t, and I definitely do. I used to watch old black and white films starring Cagney, Bogart, George Raft and so on when I was quite young. Oh, and Edward G Robinson, how could I have forgotten about him?

I was always fascinated by the image of a man in a hat firing a tommy gun from the running board of a something sleek and fast-moving.

Never get tired of that one.

Public Enemies is an absorbing film with some really standout performances, especially Marion Cotillard as Dillinger’s girlfriend Billie Frechette. She is absolutely gorgeous, holds your attention for the whole time she is on screen and acts her socks off. She’s rapidly becoming one of my favourite actresses after her performance in Inception.

And some great actors in smaller parts, so fun to be had playing “isn’t that Thingy who was in whatsit?”

Well worth watching.