Well, this was an interesting one.

I really started to pay attention to Where the Wild Things Are when I saw a trailer for it ages ago while at the cinema to see something else (can’t remember what). Mentioned it to Silvery Dude who confessed (if that’s the word) that this was one of his favourite books when he was a small boy, and told me a little bit about it.

This was useful because although I obviously knew of Maurice Sendak and had seen his artwork all over the place I’d never read this, either as a child or an adult, and was slightly astonished to find that it was published the year after I was born. Always thought it was much later.

Anyway, missed it at the cinema so had it on the DVD list and picked it for our weekend movie.

I will admit that it took me a little while to get into the visual style but I went with it and ended up really enjoying the film. The monsters/creatures/whatever are incredibly well done (Douglas was my favourite), and the boy playing Max was excellent. I’m not sure how I would have felt about it if I’d watched it as a child; bit too dark and scary – definitely a film about childhood rather than a children’s film.

I understand that the story in the film expands on what’s in the book but I didn’t have any of that baggage with me so I really engaged with the story and spent the last 15 minutes or so crying. Very satisfying.

The Book God really didn’t take to it at all and left me to watch it on my own as he could see I was enjoying it. He’s very good that way (not being sarcastic).

So not really sure what to say about this except that I liked it, would watch it again and thought it was visually stunning.